Saturday, 27 August 2011

Platinum & MMO Coated Anodes

Dimensionally stable anodes are a family of advanced titanium base anodes with proprietary Mixed Metal Oxides (MMO) coating.

The anode in all technologies is titanium metal coated with an electrocatalytic layer of mixed oxides. All modern cells use these so-called “dimensionally stable anodes" (DSA). Earlier cells used carbon based anodes.

A modern anode used in brine electrolysis. It is essentially a sheet of titanium metal coated with a mixture of active metal oxides; the coating is stable and has a very long life time under cell operating conditions. Contrast it with the traditionally used carbon electrode that was slowly consumed during cell operation; it had to be replaced periodically and required the rebuilding of the cell. 

In general, electrodes are available in the form of  rod, wire, plate, mesh,  ribbon  and customs built. Electro catalytically selective Electrodes from Ti are superior to conventional Nickel, Lead, Lead alloy, Steel, Graphite & Magnetite Electrodes.

Tianode normally, Electrodes (Anodes & Cathodes) consist of a basic component,  the family of titanium has the character for mechanical stability and uniform current distribution insoluble electrodes are manufactured with titanium as basic components,  Occasionally electrodes are also made from Nb, Ta and or Zr.


Electrolytic metal recovery.

Electrochemical Cleaning of electronic components.

Eelectrochemical Electro-galvanizing of Steel Strip.

Production of Chlorates, Perchlorate, Chlorine / Caustic, Hypochlorite.

Electrolytic production of chromic acid and Hydrogen from water.

Wet electro deposition of precious metals like Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium & Non-ferrous metals like Chromium, Nickel, Copper, Tin, Cobalt & Zinc.

Cathodic protection of various structures like offshore, ships, reinforcement bars in concrete.

Electro-dialysis in waste water treatment, water conditioning and the synthesis of organic compounds.

Substrate: One time investment

Labour: With Ti’s electrodes, the sludge commonly encountered with conventional electrodes

Manufacturing:  All electrodes are Titanium based

Environmental liability: Environmental friendly

Energy: Lowering in cell voltage to extent of 0.4 – 0.5V leading to 10-15% saving in energy consumption

Production Costs: High corrosion resistance of electrodes makes for long lasting performance.

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